Message from President

Since 1947, striving quality improvement and technology innovation with our company’s motto, “ to provide the high-quality products”, we have been working as a maker who leads the plastic molding market for automobiles and household appliances in Japan.

We are aiming to provide the product which makes the customer happy with its cost, quality, delivery and environmental quality and we will step up all efforts to pursue its reasonability.

In order to achieve the aim, we are always advancing the production control system and production facilities corresponding to its system and seeking the leading-edge technology.

In recent years, our business environment are rapidly changing and that are making a large influence on diversification of the customer’s values for the products. Our missions are to grab the customers' needs for high-value added and differentiated products, have the customers' viewpoint and provide the required products and services.

We are expanding our business to overseas; Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia and are responding wide variety of needs in global markets with detailed assistance.

With the customer's trust which we have been receiving, our proud know-how, technological capability and marketing capacity which we have been accumulating for 60 years in the business, we will expand our business in the future.

We would like to ask for your encouragement and warm support.

Naoki Akiyama

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