Expression 1 Functional Emblem

There are a lot of communication products to use radio waves around us.
Because the metal is unusable for such products,
you may give up to put high brightness on it.
However, we have the technology to enable to put the high brightness
on it without any radio disturbance.

■ Emblem for millimeter wave radar

Applying the special deposition on plastic molding, we realized the emblem which has metallic taste and enables to transmit millimeter

■ Acrylic Emblem
Front               Rear

■ Key Emblem・Case

We enabled to apply the metallic taste
on the millimeter wave transmissive emblem and key
for smart key system.

 Mobile Phone・Car Navigation

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1 Functional Emblem
2 Metallic Expression
3 Transparent Expression
4 Dia-cut Expression
Usage Example
1 Automotive Parts
2 Digital Consumer Electronics Parts

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